Virto-Cuccolini contribution to global metal industry

Metal powder screening with particle size below 50 µm is a big challenge in the creation of new alloys, as our Asad Bilal is explaning in his article published by Elsevier, most of all now that the demand for finer powders with the aim to widen and diversify metal powder products range is pushing technological innovation in the field of industrial screening.

In order to obtain competitive metal powder products in line with high quality market demand, critical points are represented by screening throughput rate and efficiency.

Virto-Cuccolini overcame the limits shown by other screening systems and even by traditional vibrating sieving equipment through the X-Line series, which is capable to screen particles with dimensions included between 1000 µm and 6 µm.

Patented multifrequency technology MFV Excite, based on the more than 100 performed tests (with gold, silver, copper, titanium, tungsten, atomised aluminium powders, carbides, cobalt, nickel, stainless steel etc.) – which we still perform for new specific cases – widely showed to be able to efficiently screen superfine and/or irregular shaped metal particles, as well as humid, sticky, agglomerating and clogging products. The vibrating movement produced prevents in facts the clogging of the mesh, produced in resistant materials even for the superfine screening, and allows to obtain a fluid transition of the product.

Here is an example of a test carried out on zinc powder with cut point at 34 µm:

We are proud to actively contribute in the creation, for our Customers in metal industry, of new product lines for metal powders. Based on their own success, we are proud to give our contribution in creating new metal powders product lines, and through this, having a role in technological innovation for the production of electrical batteries, any type of 3D printed component, more and more efficiently performing additives.

Would you like to discover more about X-Line technology? Contact us, we are at your disposal also to perform tests.

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