Virto Group is a provider of full service product sales and support.

Customers often require assistance in diagnosing, testing and analysing the material that they want to separate before making decisions on purchasing products. Our diverse portfolio of screening products covers nearly all screen separation requirements and our full service approach to pre and post sales means that customers get support from our technical and sales team to guide them through their decision process and onsite machine commissioning.

Our pre-sales support is based around our library of thousands of case studies which enables us to quickly diagnose most of our clients’ needs and when that is not sufficient, we offer free testing and lab analysis to ensure that we can provide what is required. If our tests prove our machines can do what a customer requires then we offer a money back guarantee. For after sales service we provide machine commissioning and a 24 month warranty.

Separate to the product sales support outlined above we offer individual services for:

  1. Lab Testing
  2. Tech Consulting
  3. Maintenance
  4. After Sales Support
  5. Re Meshing
  6. Toll Processing


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