Technical Consulting


Continuous research and development of our screening products is an important part of what makes Virto Group different from its competitors. This investment has led our ScreenX line to be unparalleled in the screening industry in its ability to achieve outstanding results in efficiency and capacity to screen difficult products whilst our Cuccolini line remains industry leading for vibrating sieves.

Our technical department with locations across Europe is comprised of a large team of experienced engineers and designers from all over the world that have 100’s of years of combined experience in the design, development and commissioning of screeners, sieves and fine particle separation equipment.

Virto Group is able to offer clients technical services across all industries to advise on:

  1. How to improve efficiency and capacity for fine particle separation for wet, dry or slurry based materials;
  2. Fine particle size and chemical analysis of materials,
  3. Commissioning and installation of Virto equipment or other screening equipment;
  4. Repair of Virto or other screening equipment;
  5. Other general consulting services in relation to fine particle separation; and,
  6. Special bespoke design of separation equipment:
    • to achieve what might be perceived as difficult targets in efficiency and capacity for particle separation; or,
    • to overcome challenging environments; or,
    • for plant design and development/engineering.
Some of our clients