Free Lab Testing


Most often our sales or technical team use Virto’s 1000’s of case studies to diagnose which of our screeners, sieves, tumblers, pumps, mills etc might best suit each customer’s needs for particle size separation. However, in some cases clients might wish to send samples to our testing facilities in Reggio Emilia, Italy to fully understand the nature of their material and to test their material on our equipment to determine efficiency and capacity.

Our labs offer:

  1. particle size analysis;
  2. humidity analysis;
  3. in certain cases, chemical analysis; and,
  4. free testing of clients’ material at their chosen mesh size using our equipment to determine capacity, efficiency and mesh lifetime.

Obtain a free test by clicking on “make an enquiry” in the top right of this page and please provide answers to the following:

  1. What is the mesh size (material cut size) that you require? Please specify if there are multiple cut sizes required?
  2. What is the required capacity you would like to screen?
  3. What is the efficiency required (ie; minimum percentage of your product that has no contamination of undersize or oversize relative to (1) above, eg, 95% efficiency)?
  4. What is the product that you need to screen?
  5. If you have the following please specify:
    • the level of humidity;
    • its viscosity;
    • bulk weight; and,
    • the temperature of the product.
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