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Over a period of close to 70 years Virto Group’s two product lines have served the needs of thousands of customers across more than 10,000 individual applications. Through the Cuccolini sieves line  (one of the world’s most popular vibrating screen machines) and ScreenX (our revolutionary multi-frequency technology that achieves what was previously impossible for difficult to screen materials) we offer solutions for all wet, dry and slurry based particle separation. 

To see some examples of the application of our screen machines to wet (liquid industrial, liquid food & drinks) or dry (dry aggregates, dry industrial, dry food) material click on the left navigation or choose one of the following images.

If you have any queries about our industrial screening equipment and its ability to screen your material to your requirements, contact us and we can check our vast case study library. If we don’t have a case study regarding your application then we will conduct free screening tests of your material on our sieving machines in our lab and devise the best solution for you.

Contact us on +39 0522 922000  or click the “Make an Enquiry” button above.

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