Просеивание Влажных Материалов


Virto Group's has two product lines that is used for the separation of materials that are wet or conatined in slurries, Cuccolini line (single frequency vibrating sieve) and our larger volume multifrequency ScreenX brand. The ScreenX brand has proven itself to be revolutionary in separating standard sized and extremely fine particles that are liquid based, wet, sticky or contained in a slurry. For example, it is often used for dewatering products and waste materials at high volume (slurries up to 500 m3/h) at fine cut points (less than 100 micron). Wet/liquid materials for which our screeners are often utilised are:

  • Liquid industrial (silica slurry, liquid fertilizers, glaze, coating color effluent, coal slimes, various mining and petroleum slurries such as coal slurries from wash plants); and
  • Non Industrial - Liquid food & beverages (fruit juice, apple juice, tangerine juice, liquid chocolate, milk whey and many more food products).

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