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Virto Group‘s industrial screening equipment integrates three different product lines to offer the industry’s broadest range of vibrating sieves and particle separation equipment for wet, dry or slurry-based material.

The C-Line vibratory sieves use single-frequency technology for separation. This equipment serves the needs of all standard separation requirements and offers high capacity and efficiency with mesh size ranging from 10 mm down to 25 microns for fine particle separation. Additional cleaning devices can be mounted to the machine’s main body, including spheres and ultra-sonic systems.

The T-Line product range includes tumbler screeners that are suitable for high capacity/output and high efficiency separation to a particle size of 100 micron. The special tridimensional movement makes it particularly well-suited for “delicate” materials, also with multi-stage separation.

The range of X-Line screening equipment makes use of a patented multi-frequency technology applied to vibrating sieves conceived after more than 20 years of research. X-Line machines exploit a unique mechanical device that converts single-frequency oscillations into multi-frequency movement. As a result, acceleration transmitted to the mesh reaches 500G, which is nearly 5,000% more than traditional screeners, reducing particles’ oscillation amplitude from 3-6 mm down to 0.8-1.5 mm.

Visit our standard vibrating screeners line or examine the details of our multifrequency screening equipment.

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