C-Line Traditional Vibrating Sieves

The C-Line circular vibrating screens range by Virto-Cuccolini represents the historic range developed by Cuccolini first in the ceramic sector and later on in all other industrial sectors.

For powders screening, the most suitable C-Line sieves are:
VPB 450-600 1Y and VPB 500 – 800 1X, typically installed on a user-friendly trolley for discontinuous and single-stage sieving operations (e.g. control or safety screening)
VPB 500 – 800 2-3X, installed in continuous operation, composed of two or more meshes to classify the product
VPM 900 – 1200 1-2-3X, installed in plants with continuous operation, for medium flow rates and available equipped with one or more meshes
VPM 1500 – 2000 1-2-3X, installed in plants with continuous operation, for high flow rates and available equipped with one or more meshes.

For powders screening with high and limited oversize product portions, the most suitable circular vibrating sieve belongs to the VP1 family, equipped with a single motor to optimize the spreading of the product to be sifted on the mesh.

For safety and control screening of powders in particular installation areas, the C-Line range proposes the sieve of the VP2 family, equipped with two motors and typically composed of a single mesh and combined with bags and big bags opening stations for; available in sizes VP2 450 1Y, VP2 500, 800, 900, 1200, 1500, 2000 1X.

Our C-Line range for powders is then completed by:
sacktips (or bag opening stations) complete with a circular vibrating sieve, size 500, 800, 900, 1200
VPF 500800 1-3X vibrating screens, specific for the pharmaceutical sector, together with the VPF2 500800 1X.

Our C-Line range also includes a line of industrial sieves for liquids, which are entrusted with either the safety or check screening, or a partial liquid or sludge dehydration process.

The range of circular vibrating screens for liquids is composed of:
VLB 80090012001500 1-3X for low flow rates
VLM 900120015002000 1-3X with a special discharge, suitable for medium flow rates
VLH 12001500 2X3X and 2 + 1X for very high flow rates
HC 12001500 2X3X 3 2 + 1X for very high flow rates and complete with anti-contamination product screening system

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