Trockene Metallpulver


Virto’s vibrating sieves have a long track record in the metal powders industry screening materials such as iron powders (reduced iron powder, atomized powder, and electrolyte iron powder), copper, bronze, tin, infiltrants and pre-mix powders. In addition to this our machines have been used to separate gold, copper, titanium and aluminum powders.

The ScreenX line of powder metallurgy equipment has had particular success with metal powder fine particle separation both at high volume and with lower volumes to a size of less than 10 micron with an efficiency of 99%. Its proven ability to separate difficult to screen powders is underpinned by the revolutionary mutlifrequency vibration technology incorporated in to the machine that transmits an acceleration in to the mesh of up to 500G. This achieves:

  • uninterrupted self cleaning of the mesh;
  • de-agglomeration of powder clusters;
  • elimination of blinding and pegging;
  • a significantly superior capacity over traditional vibratory screeners;
  • boost productivity; and,
  • extends mesh lifetime and more.


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