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Virto Group is a world leading provider of screening solutions with a heritage of manufacturing screening equipment going back nearly 70 years. It has provided vibrating sieves and separation tools for thousands of customers operating across more than 65 different industries ranging from fine food powders to heavy aggregate and mining material. With its head office and production based near Bologna in Italy, R&D labs in multiple locations and a network of agents around the world, Virto is a global operation. Our diverse product portfolio of screeners is FDA and ATEX compliant and is offered via two distinct product lines, Cuccolini and ScreenX.

The Cuccolini line is a very established, high quality and cost effective brand of traditional industrial sieves. With average annual demand exceeding 2,500 machines, it is one of the world’s most popular vibrating screening machines.

The ScreenX brand, that utilises Virto’s patented and cutting edge MFVexcite technology, is revolutionary in its ability to significantly increase capacity and efficiency for problematic materials that are sticky, abrasive or fine. Developed over 20 years through robust R&D these sieves use multi-frequency vibration (as opposed to the standard one dimensional vibration) and consistently outperform other screening brands in capacity, maximising mesh lifetime for coarse materials, efficient fine particle separation, overcoming mesh clogging caused by humidity and stopping particle agglomeration.

Take a look at our product lines ranging from standard industrial sieves to screeners operating with precision that are able to separate fine particles that are less than 10 micron.  See more >>

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Virto Group
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