Our Screening Technology


Virto Group combines two different product lines to offer the industry’s broadest range of particle separation equipment.

The Cuccolini product line uses single-frequency vibration technology for separation. This equipment serves the needs of all standard separation requirements and offers high capacity and efficiency on fine particle separation to 500 micron. Additional cleaning devices can be added to the main body of the machine, including balls and ultra-sonic systems.

The ScreenX product line makes use of MFVexcite, a patented multi-frequency technology born out of more than 20 years of research by scientists from Virto’s multiple R&D labs. ScreenX sieves are differentiated by a unique mechanical device that converts single-frequency oscillations into multi-frequency movement. As a result, the acceleration that is transmitted to the mesh reaches 500G which is nearly 10,000% more than most traditional screeners that accelerate the mesh at 5G.

The advantages of ScreenX equipment over traditional single-frequency machines include:

  • significant increase of screening capacity and efficiency (up to 99% screening efficiency) for previously impossible or difficult to screen materials (eg; sticky, wet, fine or abrasive materials);
  • significant reduction/eradication of waste;
  • reduction of energy consumption;
  • creation of new revenue streams;
  • increase of screen mesh lifetime, and more.

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