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About us


Virto is an integrated group of businesses with focused operations on multiple industries worldwide. The group manufactures screening and processing equipment and provides engineering solutions for all industrial applications. The group is privately owned and has offices in UK and Italy.

Virto Group owns the intellectual property rights for the multi-frequency technology used for screening and separation. Separators equipped with the multi-frequency technology perform better in respect of throughput rates, screening quality and efficiency. Moreover the multi-frequency technology permits the classification of most of the “difficult-to-screen” products without costly pre-treatment.

After the acquisition the Group has started to equip their circular vibrating sieves with the multi-frequency technology and to expand their portfolio with rectangular sieves to the current range of X-Line screening equipment. As a leading manufacturer of circular screening equipment in Europe and based on more than 70 years of specialist experience, the Virto Group provides high quality, reliable products and excellent service with its team of highly-skilled professionals in the commercial and technical divisions.

Virto Group X-Line, T-Line and C-Line technology

X-Line separators are mainly used for separating fine and ultra-fine particles of dry, humid and wet bulk materials, e.g. sand, gravel, limestone, chemicals, metal powders, plastic granules, filter cake and sludge etc. They are also used for dewatering solids/liquid mixtures in the quarry, mining industry and ceramic industry.

X-Line separators improve significantly the throughput and screening efficiency of all scalping and classifying processes in many bulk powder and liquid applications including:

  • building materials industry;
  • food processing;
  • chemical industry;
  • recycling and waste management;
  • glass;
  • plastics industry;
  • mining industry.

In addition to the X-Line separating machines Virto also manufactures tumblr machines (T-Line) and different types of standard circular vibrating machines (C-Line). Test runs can be carried out with all types of machines either in our facility in Italy or at the client’s premises on the basis of a rental agreement.

With its unique diverse range of both circular and rectangular screening machines and its expertise in separation technology, Virto is a preferred partner for the solution of screening problems which are completely or almost impossible to be solved by any traditional and conventional separation technology.