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With operations starting nearly 70 years ago Virto Group is one of Europe’s largest sieving machine manufacturers of screening and separation equipment producing up to 3,500 vibrator sieves a year for more than 65 different industries (ranging from fine food, pharma and metal powders to heavy aggregate and mining material) across more than 75 countries.

With sales representatives around the world, a multi-national R&D lab focussing on separation technology and production facilities in the heart of one of Europe’s most renowned manufacturing regions near Bologna in Italy, Virto Group is a global industrial screener and separation technology business.

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Virto’s Diverse Product Lines

Virto’s diverse product portfolio of industrial screeners offers highly efficient and large capacity screening solutions for particle separation requirements (10mm to 7µ) – in particular, difficult fine materials that are wet, sticky, agglomerative or aggressive. Virto’s products are FDA (food) and ATEX compliant and are offered via two distinct screener product lines:

  1. Cuccolini  – one of the world’s most popular vibrator sieves; and,
  2. ScreenX – our revolutionary multi-frequency technology that achieves what was previously impossible for difficult to screen materials.

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