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X-Line Multi-frequency Sieves

X-Line is Virto Group’s flagship product. This revolutionary technology (patented) of this vibrating sieve consistently outperforms other screening brands; it significantly increases capacity and efficiency (over 99% purity of particle size) in the case of wet, sticky, abrasive, ultrafine and problematic materials.

The X-Line vibratory sieves use our patented MFVexcite multi-frequency technology, converting single-frequency oscillations into multi-frequency movement. As a result, the acceleration transmitted to the mesh reaches 500G instead of the 5G delivered by traditional screeners.

The advantages X-Line equipment provides are:

  • Remarkable increase in screening capacity and efficiency (particle size purity up to 99%) for materials impossible or difficult to screen (e.g. sticky, wet, fine or abrasive)
  • Significant waste reduction/eradication
  • Consume less energy
  • Creation of new revenue streams
  • Increase in screen mesh lifetime

The X-Line multi-frequency sieves are available in two different shapes, rectangular (greater capacity) and circular.

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