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T-Line is a screening machine intended for de-dusting fine (>100 micron) and granular dry materials. It achieves high capacity/output and high efficiency separation (up to 99%)  for “delicate” materials on food, pharmaceutical, metal powders and manufacturing processes.

The special movement makes it one best products in the selection and dedusting of dry powders or granules. It is especially suitable for multi-stage separation of fines, low bulk density and difficult to screen products. It can operate with mesh apertures as small as 100 micron.

The unique movement literally tumbles the material and sieves it and, apart from its efficiency and capacity, the advantages it holds over standard sieves are:

  • less aggressive in the particle separation process which reduces particle destruction for fragile materials;
  • speed and angling adjustable to maximize the rolling movement of the material and the ability to reduce the output of the oversize to increase screening time.
  • increased mesh lifetime.

Product Range