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C-Line vibrating sieves

The C-Line – former Cuccolini product line – is one of the world’s most popular screening machines with 2,500 vibrating sieves being produced out of our Italian factory each year. These circular screeners are FDA (Food) and ATEX (explosive) compliant and service the needs of more than 65 different industries ranging from food, pharmaceutical, metal powders through to recycling, ceramic, aggregate and mining. This line of round sieves is particularly effective in fine particle separation for both powders and slurries.

The single-frequency technology meets all standard separation requirements. It also offers high capacity and efficiency with mesh size starting from 10 mm down to 25 micron for fine particle separation. The C-Line products are diverse in terms of range, size and application. The machines can support multiple or single decks and additional cleaning devices can be added to the devices’ main body, including balls and ultra-sonic systems

Product Range