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Food & Beverage Aggregates & Construction Oil, Mining & Minerals Waste & Recycling Water Treatment Pulp & Paper
Construction Features
  • Multifrequency vibration (MFV)
  • Solid carbon-steel structure, also available in stainless steel on request
  • Fitted with one or two vibrating motors, depending on size

X-Line’s rectangular “RS” multifrequency sieve specialises in high volume particle separation of coarse, fine and ultra-fine (25 mm – 20 μm) for difficult materials that are slurry based, wet, dry, sticky, abrasive or agglomerative. It can be used for classification, scalping, safety screening, de-dusting, solid/liquid separation, de-sliming and dewatering and is particularly well known for classification and scalping of all quarry and mining products.

The single deck X-Line rectangular vibrating sieve is available in different models, for powders and for liquids:

RS 1506.1, RS 2010.1, RS 2310.1, RS 2814.1, RS 3514.1 with one vibrating motor for screening powders: Perfect for screening difficult materials for powder applications requiring screening/separation at large volumes. Their uses cover heavy dry or liquid based industrial applications for chemicals, mining, petroleum, aggregates, fertilizers, recycled/crushed/burnt waste and lighter or more delicate materials such as metal powders.

RS 1506.1 with two vibrating motors for screening liquids: This product line has been designed for screening liquids/slurries and dewatering materials (down to 20 μm) in a high dilution state.

Related Success Stories

Coal Fines, 100 micron cut point – recovery of coal from slurry waste

Virto’s X-Line RS 2010 machines used to dewater and separate Ash and reduce content in Coal Fines from 36% to 16%

Kaoline, Mica and Quartz Slurry, 30 micron cut point – using a rectangular X-Line RS 2010

Virto Group’s rectangular X-Line RS 2010 screening a slurry of Kaoline, Mica and Quartz at 30 micron cut point

Biomass, 2 mm cut point – using a X-Line RS 1506

Screening Biomass at 2 mm cut point using a X-Line RS 1506

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