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Non Screening

Food & Beverage Metal Powders Water Treatment Ceramics Coatings

Iron Removers for powders: The C-Line Iron Removers are designed with an automatic cleaning system for powders and granulated materials. They are simple to install and operate with high gauss strength through neodymium magnets. Virto offers three lines of Iron Removers:

  1. CER model is ideal for processing large quantities of materials.
  2. GLM 1/300  is constructed using neodymium magnets. Small, modular and easy to clean, this iron remover is ideal for processing atomized, granulated products and dry materials.
  3. DECTRON 500-600-800-1000 comprises an electromagnetic plate with an automatic cleaning system. It is ideal for powders and raw material in specific “sizes”. DECTRON is designed for installing on feeding belts of mills (raw materials) or presses (atomised product and dry milled product).

Iron Removers for slurries: Virto offers nine iron remover lines for slurries. Six of these have a surface on the grid with an operating principle that ensures full contact with the fluid which also makes the machine easier to clean, once disconnected.

The PZT 93-253 iron remover is a filter for fluids, proven to operate well under capacity pressure utilizing permanent magnets. Its compact size, strong magnetic force from the neodymium bars and hermetic seals make the PZT 93-253 a filter particularly suitable for glazing lines, service tanks and along glaze transfer piping systems.

The FPT 1-2/140 – FPT 1-2/200 are cone-shaped iron-removing filters for fluids, equipped with an extractable magnetic core to facilitate cleaning. Suitable for controlling recovery water, engobe products, glazes with low viscosity and slurry.

The DLG 120-142-205-245-300-350-400 are electrical gravity iron removing filters for fluids. The DLG is used to clean recovery water, slurry and glaze. The surface of the grids and the operating principle guarantee full contact with the fluid and make it easier to clean, once disconnected.

The DLS 205 is an electrical gravity iron remover for fluids. It can be used to control recovery water, slurry and glaze.

The DEMAG 255-405-805 are iron removers for fluids with an automatic cleaning system. The superior strength of permanent neodymium magnets were built into the rollers and this feature, coupled with the unique automatic cleaning system, makes the DEMAG iron-remover a very effective unit for controlling slurries and liquids.