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Food & Beverage Oil, Mining & Minerals Metal Powders Waste & Recycling Chemicals & Plastics Coatings
Construction Features
  • Multifrequency vibration (MFV)
  • Two-side electric vibrating motors operating at 1,500 RPM, IP 65
  • All contact parts in AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Cover with suction and inspections holes

The X-Line circular range is offered with a single deck (CS) or double deck (CD) for separating particles (3 mm down to 5 μm) in difficult materials that are wet or dry, sticky, abrasive or agglomerative. It can be used for classification, scalping, safety screening, de-dusting and solid/liquid separation. It has a proven track record in screening all forms of powders including metal powders, glass, chemicals, plastics, recycled/crushed/burnt waste, aggregates, food, agricultural and many more applications.

CD 095.2, 120.2 Circular double deck X-Line is tailored to suit your specific requirements and is offered in two distinct size models ranging from 950 mm diameter to 1,200 mm diameter. Manufactured to high quality standards, the double deck is offered in stainless steel with gas purging and many accessories such as motor covers, different types of connections, stands, pneumatic lifting system, and clean-in-place systems. All contact parts can be customized with a mirror polish finishing.

To understand why X-Line multi-frequency screeners are so effective read more about the technology here.

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